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news 09.20.2013

Current Issues in Copyright Business in Asia


Current Issues in Copyright Business in Asia


Time and Date:October 22nd (Wed) 14:00-16:00
Place:Hotel Grand Pacific LE DAIBA B1F, Event &Seminar Room


The copyright income from Asian countries is increasing at a good rate, but still, it is hard to say that it measures up to its potential market power. In order to enhance the potential of the music business in Asian countries, it is imperative to take characteristics of each market such as physical sales, online music environment, live events and such into consideration before making any decision. Also, one way or the other we must be sure that we are doing this for monetizing the masterpieces. Considering those, can we say that there is a market-specific difference in each model of collecting the copyright royalties? The panelists who have inside knowledge of copyright business in Asia will talk about the current status of copyright business and update the collecting situation.